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    Blaine Hill

    How to cut my coat according to my cloth, or what to do with lunber rough-sawn 1/4 too thin?
    I have about a dozen flat pieces of American cherry that was rough saw at about 3/4″ (~19-20mm) aprox. 40 years ago, air dried and aclimated in my garage. It has a fair bit of twist, as you might expect. The planks are between 11-14″ inchese in width. I’ve used some other pieces of the tree for a small table and was delighted with the grain patters. So here is my challenge:

    Do I cut off the rough edge, cut it in half length-wise, let it reaclimate, then get it four square? Will I just chase my tail thinkness plainig until it is 3/32 inches in thickness and useless? My hunch is that the stock is not thick enough for a large table top, but I might be able to make a book shelf or corner cupboard, with some wood thinner than I might like, but available.

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