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    Time ago I read the wonderful book “The Village Carpenter” by Walter Rose. By then, the rise of hand work and woodcraft has been obviously shifting up (This forum and the increase of its members is proof of that).

    Here, the professor Trevor Marchant lecture was about the importance of hand work and hand tools for every one of us as a human being.

    Amazing lecture. I hope you enjoy it like me.

    Knowledge in Hand: explorations of brain, hand and tool

    With love, best regards from Catalonia.


    Very good, thanks for posting. 😉

    Xavi Molina

    Ohhh very good, and godd idea starting this post!

    Musician and wood lover (Girona-Catalonia)

    Eddy Flynn

    thanks for sharing 🙂

    Eddy .. Liverpool, Merseyside, UK


    Hello Can,

    Thanks for the link. I find the lecture to be a bit ironic since the intellectualization of craft seems to be the least effective way to convey the importance of craft. Taking one of Paul’s classes would be the most effective. 🙂

    Perhaps the lecture was just a way for Marchant to expense his own fine woodworking studies. 😉

    The most refreshing lecture that I recall from my school days was one given by the Architect Frank Gehry. Amidst all of the overly analytical/theoretical/critical speakers typical of that period of my Architectural study, here comes an Architect who simply approaches, responds, manipulates, and talks about his design the way a sculptor would. Gehry’s presented his design simply in terms of form, material, and process and his discourse about his work was delightfully simple, and immediate to understand. He is not my most favorite architect, but I found his lecture to be the most liberating and inspiring.

    -Scott Los Angeles


    @rroselavy: I know it’s an intelectual discusion but I find it very interesting and motivational. Otherwise I think Mr. Marchant is an active practitioner of the woodcraft, like us.

    Thanks for the Frank Gehry lecture mention. I will search it and I will read with great interest.

    Kind regards from Girona (Spain)


    With love, best regards from Catalonia.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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