"to glue or not to glue" that is the question

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    david o’sullivan

    i am about to finish the “craftsman-style lamp” and was thinking of a shellac finish which i love. but now i have it together i am thinking should i appply shellac before i glue up as i feel it will be difficult once the glass is in place. i am just wondering is it that important to coat all surfaces .can i leave the inside alone ?even if i mask off the glass i still feel it will be awkward .i would wait for the fuming process but it is a present .a confused finisher

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    Great work David)why you afraid to use masking tape? I think you can apply two coats of shellac before glue up to the spots which close to the glass.
    Your project look really cool)

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    I had the same question in my mind as this project progressed. I think I would probably apply finish before final assemble. I usually try to get one sealing coat of finish on all surfaces of any project.


    That looks great. A lot better than mine. I keep telling myself it will look better after I get it all together and plane it all smooth. I’ll be following this thread, as I have some of the same questions myself.



    I’ve reached the same point now with my lamp, trying to figure out how to finish it. Did you guys that used shellac on it have any feedback now that you’ve gone through it? Anything you’d do different if you had it to do over?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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