Tool Rust Removal

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    Mark Armstrong

    Ken you made me giggle 😉
    Nice job David
    Those bits look a bit more of a challenge.

    Dagenham, Essex, England

    John Purser

    David Gil,

    Paul has a video on sharpening auger bits here:

    In the video he describes the parts and why they’re important which might be a good thing to know before selecting a method of de-rusting those bits.

    John Purser
    Hubert, NC


    Dave Gill, Ken, Denise,

    Nice work on that brace Dave. I’m trying the soaking in molasses method to avoid all that wire brush and sandpapering that I’ve also done for years to clean old rusted tools. Especially getting into crevices and hard to access areas on tools. Plus the soaking method takes up none of my time allowing me to get work done that’s more important.

    Regarding Coke: When I was in grade school eons ago a science teacher put nails into a jar of coca cola. At the end of the semester the nails were dissolved. Then he gave us a tooth lecture. It’s the food grade phosphoric acid in the soda that eats the rust and metal and tooth enamel. I’m told the molasses works better than coke, white vinegar and some of the other so called ‘Green’ methods which is why I decided to test it out. My experiment is only 4-1/2 days old so I don’t have a result to post yet but there is rust loosening from surfaces.

    Ken, as always, thanks for the great sense of humor and Denise for setting up the satirical stage.

    Joe B.

    David Gill

    Hi John I had watched the video on sharpening the bits and did have a go , it worked well. I am in no hurry to clean the rust off the bits, I will wait to see how Joe’s stripping methods works.

    Still laughing at your gag Ken, you could sell that line, I will certainly use it some time in the future.

    Wigan, Lancs. England :

    Michael Petre

    I havent tried it myself, I have not needed to, but I heard about using citric acid.

    I cleaned most of my tools using the lemon juice you find in the cooking section of the supermarket, followed by a quick encounter with a brush and sandpaper. I finish with a coat of 3-in-1 and so far didn’t have any rust coming back.

    As I have some jars of molasses I don’t use, I will also attempt that method with the next batch of tools.

    Dave Seamark

    Ken you made me giggle ;)

    I just spat tea on my self… hilarious Ken, Thanks for the giggle.

    I wish that what I know now, I knew when I was younger.

    Blackpool, Lancashire, England


    Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper are sometimes used in BBQ sauce recipes as a secret recipe. Fact: the phosphates in the soda’s act to tenderize the meat. Try soaking a piece of steak in CC for several days and you learn why I will not drink it anymore. You get mush! I have used the CC method on some very rusty irons and it does work to some degree. Needs about 2 weeks of soaking and you may have to ‘freshen’ the coke after a week or so. Very inexpensive method of preliminary rust removal. From what I have read about other rust removal methods, electrolysis may be the most effective method for rapid removal. But like handling sharp edge tools, water and electricity do not normally go well together so I urge caution when using this method. Always use low voltage and low current sources for power such as a motorcycle battery trickle charger.
    Tis the season!
    Jeff Brann

    Retired airPLANE driver. Learning a new lifestyle in woodworking is fantastic!


    Ya never know in Colorado…

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein


    I have never heard of the method of removing rust, that you mentioned. I will be very interested in your results.

    Bob. B.


    The poor man rust removal!!! Joseph (administrator)- That should be one topic just for it self – The Poor Man’s… Router, parallel clamps, deruster, just kidding.
    We share so many cheap tips that someday this forum will be terminated by an “association of tools manufactures”… lol

    My sugestion is (and this usually wooks for me) is:

    Hot vinegar + lemon juice + bicarbonate soda + 24h
    Wash and clean with scourer (that who scrubs pots – the wife will just love it)

    And repeat it if needed!

    Enjoy the learning path...!!


    I have an amazing automated tool cleaner that is effortless to use and produces superb results. It’s my son when he hasn’t done his homework.

    Keep Calm and have a Cup of Tea


    Jon Place, If this molasses rust removal doesn’t work out can we call ‘Rent-A-Son’ at your number?

    Mini update: I pulled an old chisel out of the soaking container last night that had been in the molasses water solution for two weeks. It had been moderately rusted prior, but the rust was gone. The surface was a dull gray and I had to hit it with light sandpaper after washing it in water. It easily came up bright metal clean after that. I was pleased to see it had a nice convex bevel on it that an older generational workman had put on it some many years ago.

    My ax heads are still in the solution and I will leave them there for another week before pulling them out. One was moderately rusted another very badly so we’ll see if this idea works or not fairly soon.

    A frothy coating develops on the liquid surface during the process and there is some organic odor given off but not that bad. There is a noticeable metallic smell. The solution evaporated off a bit recently so I added more water. Not sure if that interrupts the process in any way. We’ll see.

    Joe B.


    I read an article recently in a recent Woodcraft magazine. It was comparing methods of rust removal. They liked electrolysis the best and say it is the safest for the tools. They also like Evaporust, but they say it can be bad for high quality steel. They said phosphoric acid was the fastest method, but most likely to damage the tool.


    Hi, I’m a little late to the discussion but I use 2litre of coke cola with 1/2 litre of pickling vinegar for rust removal,leave article to soak for as long as necessary. Check regularly, don’t forget as I did and found my saw blade eaten through.It’s every good for giving new life to old files as well. Pepsi works as well,oddly you get a grey scum with Pepsi, and a brown scum with Coke.Hope this is of use,I’ve used it for several years and found it good as well as safe enough to handle,although it put me off drinking either for life !


    Electrolysis method-simple, thorough, gets those hard to reach spots too.

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