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    Hey everyone, just wondering if any of you have found any of the aluminium clamps for sale here is aus? or if you’ve got a good cheap alternative

    I’m also trying to find a set of eze lap diamond stones, but the Australian distributor wants $380 for one plate..



    Hi Zac, The clamps I can’t find in Oz either but Timbercon has the diamond plates for $109 each however they don’t seem to have the 250 grit. I bought the double sided 1200/400 grit the 400 grit is coarser than pauls recommend 600 grit, it was a compromise to cut cost and it works well and you can live without the 250 grit but 250 grit is nice when you need to do heavy work (changing angles or a new profile)


    There are clamps that look like the ones that Paul uses advertised on the following Oz site if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

    Other than that, I don’t know anything about them but will probably try to buy some when the need arises. Up to now I’ve been using cheaper T-bar sash clamps from Bunnings & altho they work just fine for me, they are very heavy so while they are useful for building a workbench, they’re probably inappropriate for fine furniture.

    Cheers, Tony & Alex

    David B

    Good lord those are pricey. Does Harbor Freight not deliver to Australia? Those bar clamps are like $10 apiece. Once you retrofit them they are quite stout.


    I’m also trying to find a set of eze lap diamond stones, but the Australian distributor wants $380 for one plate..

    I bought diamond plates from a couple of years ago. Price, including freight, was reasonable (but the AUD is worth less now).


    Yes dbockel2, around here it’s known as “The Australia Tax”. Sometimes the freight costs more than the goods & academic tomes & pop songs are written concerning “The Tyranny Of Distance”.

    Meanwhile we are dismantling our manufacturing sector just because we can sell stuff to the rest of the world that we either dig up or grow & then import what we want or need instead of making it ourselves. There are so many future costs associated with this strategy that I fear that we will indeed end up as the banana republic as predicted three decades ago by an astute prime minister for this very reason.

    As regards diamond plates, I’m still looking for an affordable option to replace my 6”x2” plates with 3”x8” plates. 2” plates are OK for chisels but once you start using plane blades wider than 2”, you have to skew the blade on the plate.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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