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    Ron Harper

    Just finished Toy Box for little niece. It has two coats of satin white enamel on it. SWMBO is going to paint some “girly” designs on it. Should I add a clear top cost? If yes, what? Thanks


    Hi Ron

    I’m no expert on finishing but I would have thought that a coat of something clear added after the “girly” designs have been added would be a good idea for extra protection of the designs. All I would say is that it would be good to check compatibility of the clear coat with yout enamels (perhaps do a test) and also that your white enamel may be made to look a little off-white by certain “clear” coats so be careful if that would be a problem. Hope that helps.



    Ron, put shellac as a topcoat if anything. It’s hard and should stick to the enamel.

    Mark Armstrong

    I would use a polyurethane varnish will take the knocks a toy box will have to take. Shellack is a good finish but not as good taking knocks as a varnish and not as water resistant.

    Dagenham, Essex, England


    If it’s for a young child go with shellac, it’s safe and nontoxic.

    Dallas, Texas

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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