Two vises on the same bench apron?

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    Debra J

    Has anyone gone and installed two front vises on the same side of a workbench? My husband and I are building an eight-foot, single-sided workbench. I would like to put two front vises so the pair of us could work alongside each other. I don’t think we have space for the double-sided version of the bench. Near as I can figure it, one vise would go down at the lwft end of the bench and the other would be somewhere near the middle. Anyone done anything along these lines?

    - Debra J

    David R.

    I would have concerns regarding getting in the way of each other and the vice being in the way. Though with 8 foot, it might work and the bench might be sufficiently heavy.

    If you do it, consider posting a picture. 🙂


    from Germany


    I think even having a vice on each end would be ok. I cant think of a reason where it is essential as a right handed person to have bench space to any particular side of the vice. Not that I’ve come across anyway. Paul I think mentioned that for right handed people the reason the vice is usually on the left is so that they can easily reach for their tools with their dominant hand. This is by no means essential however in my opinion. A vice on each end would maximise work space for each of you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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