Unidentified Router plane

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    Terry Dixon

    I have attached a photo of a router plane I bought at a flea market some years ago. It has no makers identification nor can I find information about it on the internet. Its quite a nice tool to use despite a couple of blow holes in the base casting – these are small and don’t affect the use of the tool – It has no provision for depth or side stops but I have no real use for those at the moment. It’s really quite nice to use and the hand knobs are very comfortable to use. The blade has a round shaft but has a groove in the back where the securing screw locates to prevent the blade rotating.

    Just out of interest I would be grateful for further information if anyone can recognise the plane and perhaps identify the maker, dates etc.

    Thanks for reading

    Terry D.


    It’s probably a one-off homemade router, or a copy of a lesser-known make, minus the trademarks.

    Foundry workers often cast their own versions, or copied the pattern of commercial routers, to save money. I think they used up leftover molten metal at the end of a production run, or cast something small like this to test the mixture.

    Judging by the wooden knobs and patina, its probably early twentieth century. 1920’s-1940’s? If you know where it came from, there’s a slim chance you can look-up the name which is stamped into the wooden knob to learn more. For someone to have a namestamp made, they were probably woodworking for a living.

    Don’t worry about the lack of side fence. A block of wood screwed to the sole is far more effective. And a plough plane with fence for narrow boards.

    If you need an accurate depth-stop, a length of tubing slid over the threaded rod will be more accurate than any Stanley/Record depth gauge.

    If you can find two small nuts to match the thread, you’ll have an adjustable depth-stop which you can lock into place.

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