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    I (stupidly) decided to iron the last bit of a shirt on my coffee table (I know, I know). Anyway, even though it had a couple of towels underneath it, there now lives a steam mark of the iron with a whiteish border. The pic shows it hopefully, sorry about the dodgy graphics!

    The table is raw wood (Quebec Yellow Wood) with a waxed finish. I have waxed it every three months since I’ve had it – about three years – so it has a fair amount of protection. Not sure how to go about fixing it. Just wax over it?



    Search on youtube, pretty sure i saw lots of examples how to repair it. I believe you’ll have to break out the iron again though!

    New Brunswick, Canada



    Ok, thanks. I’ll take a look.



    Ok, it appears that the iron trick doesn’t work on this type of finish (unless you’re after the stripped wood covered in white blotches look). Before I caused complete disaster, I just went over the wood with the waxes I use to maintain it: one clear; one colour.

    I think the re-heating method is for lacquered, or more durable (thicker) finishes.


    Joe Kaiser

    Im my experience, the iron only makes things works. After ruining my wife’s table, I found a product called Restore-a-finish. It is inexpensive, and it comes in various colors. Get the one that matches the best and apply it with 0000 steel wool. It takes some “elbow grease” but it works great!

    Restore-A-Finish on Amazon

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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