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    I am almost done building my workbench, and I’m looking for a suitable finish that is easy to find in Canada (Lowes, etc.). I am in my basement, so low VOC would be preferable. Would something like water-based Varathane work, or should I go with a tung oil type product. Thanks!

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    The common recommendation is some “oil” like “danish oil” but that name actually refers to different things to different manufacturers. Home Depot Canada has WATCO danish oil (some undisclosed mineral oil + undisclosed resin). Lee Valley used to have a similar product (Deftoil) but no longer in stock it seems. They have a few Tried & True oil products — T&T’s danish oil is pure polymerized linseed oil unlike WATCO. They also have T&T Varnish oil which is linseed oil + varnish.

    Never tried finishing products in Lowes Canada.

    My bench is also in the basement, I cant stand the smell of the solvents in WATCO or Deftoil and find T&T a bit pricey. So I’ve left mine unfinished. If you use oil, religiously follow the instructions about apply liberally, wipe off after some period and again and again until oil stops weeping out before going for a second coat.




    Thanks for the advice!

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