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    Mark Armstrong

    I have prepped up some Ash to make a small Dovetailed box.
    The box will be 10 3/8″ length ,6 7/8″wide, and 6″ high.
    What would be your preference for Dovetails long side or short?
    On a draw for obvious reasons tails on the side.
    For a box I think I got a liking to long face your thoughts.
    This Ash has been hard work. Had some big tear out that has had to go on inside iron set too much really deep. I cannot take a shaving more than about a thou may be less just wont have it. The outside has come out nice.

    Dagenham, Essex, England


    I put the tails on the small end, on the last two boxes i made. However, for the tool chest I put the tails on the short section, but oriented to face you as you look at the box. I think, the boxes look better with the tails looking at you, whether long or short ends. I think the contrast between the end grain and long gives the boxes a little something special to look at.


    Mark, I would put the tails on the long sides.

    Have you tried a card scraper on the tough areas? It looks as if you have a little knot on the front in the middle? Is that the hard bit?

    Also, is that a LN #7 in the foreground? I love that plane. I have 45, 50 and a 55 degree frogs for it which I interchange with my #5 1/2. Maybe it’s just the camera angle but the frog looks steeper than 45 degrees on that plane? Those are about the only bench planes I use now, apart from a low angle jack plane, which I think I see lurking there on your shooting board!

    Looks like we have very similar tools!

    Mark Armstrong

    Thanks Guys that was my gut feeling for long side.
    The Ash is hard in general. I did Manage to flatten board within 3 thou. Took a long time as I was only able to take the merest of shavings.
    I had trouble after the second pass two knots gouged out went very deep I done the best I could. I will try and localise with a card scraper later.
    Richard I wish it was a LN it’s a No.7 Quangsheng still very nice.
    The other 2 planes are Stanley premiums No.4 with Norris style adjuster thick iron about 1/4″ the Stanley low angle on shooting board has a similar iron both have adjustable mouths soles flat as you like. Probably 1/3 of the price and not as nicely finnished as LN, Veritas and Clifton.
    The problem I have with Stanley’s no where for my index finger. In fact Totes are bigger to take all fingers. I am so used to putting my index finger straight out like on a standard metal bench plane.

    Dagenham, Essex, England

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