Wood Carving Tool Set in Lidl

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    Paul Dallender

    HI Everyone,

    As we are always on the look out for a bargain in tools I came across a set of 12 wood carving chisels chrome vanadium steel blades and ash handles with their own wooden presentation box in Lidl for just £19.99.

    I’ve seen Paul use wood carving chisels albeit infrequently, but as I didn’t have any when this offer came up I thought I’d get a set to add to my arsenal of woodworking tools.

    I’ve no doubt the quality will not match wood carving chisels as crafted by makers such as Ashley Iles but then if you’re on a very tight budget as I am they may just do the trick. Remember even Lewis Hamilton whose ambition was to drive a formula one car, started off learning the basics of racing in a go-cart.

    Paul - A southern lad living up north - Nr York England

    David B

    I think (THINK) that the gouges that Paul used in the carvings I’ve seen him do are of the Hirsch variety. You can get them from Highland Hardware here in Atlanta (or order them online from highlandwoodworking.com). I finally purchased a couple of them this year and I really like them (come very sharp and highly polished)though they are more like $30-50 PER gouge.


    I can’t speak to the ones from Lidl though they could be a great find like Aldi chisels for all I know.


    Thanks Paul

    These look exactly the same as my Faithfull gouge so I’d be will to bet they are the same.I’ll check my local Lidl to see if they have any left.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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