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    Are there plans to make a video that would show how to add a carved wood seat (similar to the bench stool) to these dining chairs rather than leather? I imagine one would need to adjust the mortices and tenons on the upper corners of the front legs.

    If I missed this somewhere, could someone point the way?

    Thank you,

    Matt McGrane

    Chris, I doubt there are any plans for that. You might just have to use what you learned from the stool project and somehow morph that into the dining chair project.

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016: http://tinyshopww.blogspot.com/


    I am thinking of doing the same thing. My though is to use “buttons” to attach the seat to the frame. That should eliminate any wood movement issues between the seat and the frame.

    Tuscloosa, Alabama
    Lung T'an Hu Huesh Kung-fu Woodshop

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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