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    Hi all.

    Forgive me if this question is completely stupid (I’m just coming out of the haze of baby #2). I want to start the workbench project, and I’ve found the series of videos on Youtube, which I watched a couple of years ago, but I can’t find a materials list.

    Am I missing something really obvious? Do I just have to re-watch the videos and put together the list that way?

    Any help appreciated. TIA.

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    I just took some squared timber, glued it up to the size I needed… No fixed “material list” needed.
    I used the same stock for the whole bench. I think it was something like 90x45x2500mm.



    Hi Doc, I added my timber cutting list, as I bought my lumber here in Germany. Be aware thats in metric, it was pre planed spruce and it´s for the kind of bench that has only one benchtop and behind that a tool well. Also the width of the bearer was not wide enough, so you have to add approx. 1 1/2″ to that.



    [attachment file=139053]

    Debra Jenney


    Congrats on #2! The materials list for my workbench so far is 20 2×4’s at 92″ each. One of the great things about this design is its flexibility in materials. Just get more 2×4’s if you need more.



    I agree 2 X 4’s is all you need to make this bench.Just square all 4 sides with plane and glue together, make it any size you want. For the legs I glued up ( 2 ) 2 X 4’s and the apron’s I glued up ( 3 ) 2 X 4’s on edge you could go 4 if you like.

    It was a fun project and I absoulutley love the bench and the 38″ height is perfect for me, no crouching over my work which hurts my back.


    Steve Massie, I live in the great State of Florida, US

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