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    I would like to share info on my latest addition of the workbench.

    This is a tool tray and a tenon saw holder made with pine wood and olive wood. (See pics and this short video of how it works https://www.instagram.com/p/BjONpyDANfI/ )

    I have also included an informative shop drawing, just in case any woodworker is willing to examine it and perhaps find it useful for their workbench.


    Ecky H

    Good idea and very well realised! In particular I like the saw holder clamping solution.

    If I may ask: What was the reason to use those extra pieces of wood to keep the dividers inside the tray in place instead of housings?


    Veni, vidi, serravi.

    Münster, Germany


    Thank you Ecky. The little clips I made for dividers are attached with super glue. It allows me to remove the dividers or alter the space in between. Housing is good too, but this works just as well.


    Hello, I’d like to post a usage feedback on this.

    The saws are held in place firmly and I’ve become used to placing the saw in the holder with ease.

    This elevation has allowed me to utilize the usage of the well board where I place other tools.

    The only drawback, or perhaps an advantage for some, is the amount of planes that I can put on my bench/well board area. Currently I’ve three planes, a scrub plane, a jackplane and a smoothing plane. If I were to add more planes then the 5’ Long workbench would be too small for it.

    Since the tray is slidable, I easily open up space for larger boards, however I have found that having another bench in the shop (not necessarily the same design) is helpful for larger scaled joinery.

    Thanks for reading and I hope to hear your feedback on this.


    Tried your Instagram link, do I need an account to view it?



    Very recently I have made my Instagram account private. I would assume that a direct link would still give you an access to view the linked content, but from what you said, my assumption is wrong.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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