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    It’s taken since January, but I’ve finally finished my version of Paul’s recent workbench series. The tool well is a little thinner than the current design (by about 4cm) as I wanted to match the overall depth of the bench to another in my garage.

    It’s mostly C24 pine from a builder’s merchant, but I was able to find some pretty decent timber.

    There’s an additional end vise, as my young daughter likes to work in the garage with daddy (though at the moment it’s mostly just drawing on pieces of wood in a vise – hence fitting two).


    I also added a drawer, made from a dovetailed box, with a bottom from laminated sections of scrap pine. The drawer front is the section cut from the front apron, and screwed onto the drawer box.



    I didn’t want to cut dog holes in the top of the bench, but extra clamping options are always useful. So, I routed a set of small mortices in the rear face of the main worktop, and they can be used with clamps.


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    Harvey Kimsey

    Very nice looking bench!



    Looks good!

    How do you support the drawer under the bench? Did you build a frame / rails?




    Many thanks.

    It is just a pair of timber rails, screwed to the underside of the bench top. The only considerations (other than obviously ensuring they were large enough) was to make sure they didn’t foul the wedges that secure the legs, and make slightly oversized holes for the screws – so that they’ll tolerate a little movement of the worktop.

    The full extension drawer slides are then just screwed to the rails and drawer box, and then the drawer front was fitted to the drawer box.

    It would of course be nice to use wooden runners for the drawer, but I find the full extension slides really useful for maximising accessibility to drawer contents.

    Ronald Kowalewski

    those hold down notches are nice. Could be added to any bench too, at any time..

    Protect the line.

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