• Erin commented on the video, Dovetail Boxes: Episode 1 12 months ago

    Thanks @Craig and @ed. I hadn’t thought about a gap showing, so I’ll be sure to plan with that in mind. I think running the groove on all four sides will be my best option since this box will hold my children’s […]

  • Erin commented on the video, Dovetail Boxes: Episode 1 1 year ago

    I’d like to practice my dovetails, so I’ve been looking around my home for things that need boxes. One of the things that desperately needs a box is rather large and would require interior measurements of 19×13 […]

  • I know that Paul has a 30 degree bevel on his chisels when they come from the factory, and then he creates the micro camber. Anyone know the angle of the plane irons? I’ve been using a honing guide for the past few months after having dismal results at hand sharpening, but now that I’ve got a bench, I’d like to try freehand sharpening again.

  • Erin commented on the video, Workbench: Episode 9 1 year ago

    I’m so excited to finally finish my bench this week. That last video was the ultimate cliff hanger, lol. I already made a table on my bench this past week since I couldn’t wait to get started. Thanks for all your […]

  • Erin commented on the video, Workbench 1 year ago

    I also just finished my bench. I painted my legs, and I’m applying blo to the bench top.

  • I am an absolute beginner, and my workbench is the first project I’ve made with hand tools. Although there are a couple of things I don’t love about my bench, it turned out great. Most importantly though, although the boiled linseed oil isn’t even fully cured and my vise isn’t lined yet, but I’m already using my bench to create other things. This…[Read more]

  • Also, I know Paul has designed this bench to be friendly to a new woodworker. As that beginner, I’ll say I’m grateful the wedge system. Three of my recesses were sized perfectly, but my third was a just a hair […]

  • What! no comments about this being done more quickly with a ratchet and deep socket? (sarcasm) As someone who doesn’t have a jig saw or compass saw, I was glad to see the drill method. I think it’s safe to assume […]

  • I’m not sure if they were over heated, and I’m not sure how to tell. There was no discoloration which would be the most obvious sign, I’d think. The bevels are set to 25 degrees, so I’ll try that. Thanks

  • The blades are old, I’m assuming. I purchased the plane on ebay, so I don’t know the history, but returns aren’t an option. I’ve seen the videos on making a plane blade, and I don’t think these would be too difficult. But, after doing a bit of googling, it looks like a set of replacement irons is available inexpensively, and veritas irons will also work.

  • Stumpy nubs on youtube has a video showing how to make that exact plane.

  • For the life of me I can’t get the irons for my record 043 plow plane sharp. I go through the typical process (with or without a honing guide at 25 degrees on diamond stones and strop), and once I get the burr removed, which is quite difficult, I still can’t slice through paper the way I can with everything else I sharpen.
    The plane works for a…[Read more]

  • At what point is it recommended to shorten the workbench. I’m 5’7, and went with the 38 inch height. I notice as I’m planing my wellboard (with it clamped to the bench top) I’m struggling to plane the far side of […]

  • @dbockel2 I used the poor man’s router for tenons on my workbench legs, but overall, I didn’t get a great finish and found it difficult to use. Most likely user error, but I decided before I cut my recesses I would try to make something a little easier to use. With a veritas iron I was able to make something that worked really well in an…[Read more]

  • Well done! What was the first thing you made using it?

  • Mine had some wobble because my bench to wasn’t perfectly thicknessed over the legs. I had to take off a small amount from one area and the wobble resolved. Flip your bench top over and check for wind right over […]

  • I was watching that discussion myself, unable to justify the purchase of a new or used router. I ended up making a router similar to this one, and it works surprisingly well. Not everyone lamenting the price of a tool is an investor–some of us really do want to use them.

  • I am wondering the same thing. I don’t know if I’ll ever need to break this bench down, but I’d like to keep that option open. I wonder if putting a little wax paper on the bearer before gluing would be a good […]

  • It’s an eclipse 9 inch quick release vise. They’re available on Amazon and Highland Woodworking.

  • This is my first hand tool project, so I’ve experienced quite a learning curve. In trying to get my bench top perfectly flat after a terrible glue up, it is getting quite thin. I’ve still got a bit of twist and […]

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