• Very nice! I made the same one a few years back when I needed one for a project, and I still pull it out occasionally. You paid a lot more attention to the aesthetics than I did!

    Agree that everyone should have one, it was very easy to put together based on Paul’s video. I think it was the first tool I made, and its the only plane I’ve made.

  • I found waxed linen thread at a shoe repair shop, same stuff they use for other leather goods like shoes and handbags, so a craft store or repair place would be good placed to start. A saddlery would also have it […]

  • I’ve made two handles already (one pine + tassie oak, the other some mystery hardwood + blackwood) and will start on the leatherworking once I get a leather needle and punch. I think its a great idea for a project […]

  • One feature that I really appreciate about your videos is that the whole process is shown and very little is edited out. Many other online instructional videos are heavily edited, and it makes me wonder if there […]

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