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    That is a really GREAT adaptation of the wall clock “body”!

  • Thanks Craig!
    Much appreciated… It’s just like working in a communal shop where you can walk across the room and ask an expert! (only I don’t have to walk – its just a mouse click away!)

  • Paul –
    All well and good – but what happens to a #1 (a 1/4″ bit or smaller?) my xx-slim taper 3 corner file may “fit” but there is not a lot of filing “action” going on – suggestions?

  • Goran – I like your bench, but I REALLY like the re-purposing of the jack and wanted to ask a question.

    It looks like you made a hold-fast (or was it purchased?)
    If you made it or re-purposed something into a usable holdfast, I would really like you to talk about it.

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    Did anybody see a guy carrying a clock out of Penrhyn Castle? 🙂

    Another, in a long line of great videos Paul (and team) you inspire all of us every day!

    Thank you!

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