John Devereux

  • Bought sawn and planed wood. Each cut and pass through the planer will add 30% to the cost of the wood sawn from the tree. That is compound. Five processes will raise the price by 1.30 to the power of 5 (x […]

  • British Hardwoods at the Gt Northern Woodwork show 17/11/2017 had some beautiful ripple sycamore. I’m writing this on the 18th. Good to see lots of people buying top quality wood from them yesterday. They were […]

  • I gave you a saw setting tool just like this one at the Great Yorkshire Show. I bought two and kept one. So now you reward me with a beautiful video on how to use it. Many thanks,

  • Having mentioned Ben Webster in passing I’m going for broke. Charlie Parker said Johnny Hodges was the Lily Pons of alto sax playing, and what he meant was that Johnny Hodge’s was the art that concealled art. So […]

  • I know I should stay out of this but part of my specialism as a teacher and as a mentor of teachers has been to do with pacing and content of lessons. My estimation of Paul’s rhythm is that it is somewhere up […]