• Air filtration units

    Occasionally I use a band saw, table saw, or orbital sander in my garage shop with dust collection. However my wife hates dust that can accumulate on cars and other garage items. The shop area is 10 x 12 but the overall garage area is ~900 sq ft (80 sq m).

    Do air filtration units work in your experience?

    I am thinking of…[Read more]

  • In Paul’s videos I have tried to identify the Auriou rasps he uses. It appears to me that there are 2 main ones that I have identified. I have been looking at the Auriou rasps for 2 years and I was fortunate to receive an Auriou 7 inch Modeller’s Rasp 13 Grain as a gift.

    I cannot believe the difference in use from an Auriou over others that I o…[Read more]

  • Clifford started the topic knife holder in the forum Projects 2 months ago

    Just a quick post of a knife holder small project. This one is from a friend of mine using Japanese blanks with macasser ebony scales and chechen holder.

    [attachment file=”knife holder.jpg”]

  • The same thing happened to me with a piece of walnut. I glued it back on and cannot even see the break. I was very gentle when rounding but it came out fine.

  • I posted this some time ago.

    On occasion I do resort to a bandsaw for some cuts. After struggling with an inexpensive 20+ year old small benchtop bandsaw (4 inch) from Harbor Freight which would not cut hardwood thicker than approximately 1.25 inch without throwing the blade I decided to look for an upgrade. After much research it looked like a…[Read more]

  • Clifford replied to the topic Cooling work shop? in the forum Off-topic 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    I also use an evaporative cooler however I use it more as a cooling fan on myself with the garage door open. This seems to minimize humidity issues (see attached photo).

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  • I use a small Delta benchtop joiner (6 inch wide) to flatten a face or straighten and square an edge. A new Porter Cable joiner, which is nearly identical, costs ~$270 new. In truth I would like a larger joiner but this one works for most furniture projects.

    For a planer I use a Dewalt DW734 ($400 new) to dimension wood to the desired thickness.…[Read more]

  • After two years with Masterclasses (and one gallon of wood glue!), I was wondering if others had their most and least favorite tools upgrades. Mine are:

    Worth the upgrade: Sarrett 6 inch double square for approximately $90 US. I use this 90% of the time in addition to the UK Stanley cast iron combination square recommended by Paul. It took me a…[Read more]

  • I used standard runners as the soft closed runners were out of stock at the time. Thank you for the nice comments!

  • I thought that I would pass along my attempt at adding a drawer to Paul’s basic table design. I have included a few pictures of my prototype of a simple bedside table made with Alder (inexpensive here in the Pacific Northwest only $30 total for this 14” by 26” table).

    The design is from Paul’s sofa table modifying the front apron to accommo…[Read more]

  • Thanks deanbecker,

    This is what I might have expected. Which is, that O1 is hard to beat if you do not mind sharpening (as I remember, Paul sharpens many time per day). It will be interesting to see other’s experiences.

    [quote quote=548985]Hi clifford ,

    I have one veritas 3/8chisel. I work to keep ot sharp and it does take a bit longer to…[Read more]

  • I am considering new chisels and have a question for those of you who have experience with sharpening different types of steel. I have decided on PM-V11 over A2 but I am concerned with the difficultly to sharpen. I currently have some Harbor freight chisels which I assume is something like O1. They do need sharpening often but sharpen up fast…[Read more]

  • After making my first rocking chair project I read about compass planes and thought that if the opportunity arose that I might find them useful for the curved rockers and back sections. I recently purchased a Stanley 113 (model 8a or 9) with the locking set screw for the front knob. I have not seen Paul use one. If anyone has tips for use it would…[Read more]

  • For me I start most of my cuts with a fine tooth (22 tpi) saw for the first few strokes then change to another saw. While I can use the normal 12-16 tpi saws to start a cut, my skills are no where near Paul’s and I do not want to risk damage to the wood. I am sure this will improve with practice.

  • Clifford commented on the video, Workbench 1 year ago

    If I remember correctly the fitting and position of the vice is in one of his blogs. I remember Paul commenting that the selection of the vice is one of choice but that bigger vices become very unwieldy do to […]

  • Clifford commented on the video, Rocking Chair: Episode 7 1 year ago

    When I first started this project I never thought that I could do it. I had only been doing woodworking with Paul for six months. But by watching the videos and taking my time it turned out well! As Paul says […]

  • Clifford replied to the topic Mini Wall Shelf – scaling in the forum Projects 1 year ago

    Below is a picture that I used to find the angle needed for the top of the mini wall shelf (spice rack) to be flush to the wall. I first cut the foot at an angle near to that in the PDF drawing and used a square lining up to a mark down from the top (in this case 1.5 inches). My choice of sizing for this small version of the wall shelf was based…[Read more]

  • Clifford started the topic Mini Wall Shelf – scaling in the forum Projects 1 year ago

    I noticed in the Introduction video that the proportions of the mini wall shelf (ie spice rack) appeared slightly different from the full size unit. Using a still frame I took measurements to put them into ratio form for scaling. Below is a picture of what I measured. All measurements were approximate.

    [attachment file=461888]

  • I came across this YouTube video on how to make a router plane by Young Je. Given all the recent discussions on the lack of low cost new or used planes I thought that it might be of interest. The link is below.

  • Looks like a Zona saw which you can find on Amazon in a variety of teeth per inch. I one of Paul’s videos he calls it a modeler’s saw.

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