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    When I access episode 8 of blanket chest it just forwards me back to the dashboard.
    Thoughts? Episodes 1-7 have no problem.

    Thanks for all your efforts. Site looks and works great.


  • Im surprised that there aren’t more ideas out there already established for these shavings. There are so many generated on a project. Fire starters and compost sounds like the main ones. I actively use both ideas. Packing material is the next one I’m going to try when I have a lot of long grain pieces.

    Paul, what have you done in your long…[Read more]

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    I have been in the process of updating a stairway in our house (built by my grandfather) with walnut treads, and I decided on a sugar maple inlay on the treads for a little extra decoration. The steps were 10″ deep, 32″ wide and the inlay strip 5/16″ wide, so cutting with a handsaw didn’t seem like an option. I needed a groove, but had no plough…[Read more]

  • C’mon guys… this seems baseless. I feel obliged to say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion (though didn’t Paul himself write a blog article about this very concept being questionable in certain […]

  • Guys you have changed my outlook not only on woodworking, but on life. That is not hyperbole. I’ve never had a mentor in my career trade, being the first in my family to do what I do. I immediately was intrigued […]

  • Great project as always Paul and team. I like the proportions and the integration of the vertical grain. I have never had an idea to “improve” on one of Paul’s designs… and I’m not going to start now. However I […]

  • I agree that it is more challenging, especially for those learning to rip close to the line on a 16″ vertical cut. The first pair I made out of qsawn black walnut and they kept getting shorter and shorter because I was tilting my plane over on that small edge. It took much longer than expected but helped me on the second pair, which actually saw…[Read more]

  • Stock preparation was the last holdout for me in my transition to hand tools. I see many people (carving, furniture building) that rip it close with a BS or TS and then hand plane down to the fine edge. I have spent many hours spent planing on my latest project, which involves flattening some cupped 13.5″ wide cherry boards from 1.25″ thickness to…[Read more]

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