Robert Foster

  • Hi Izzy,
    And that is the way I will probably go. Each project that I do I want to be able to grow my skill sets and while the plywood bench is beautiful bench to look at and I imagine to work at, I think my time […]

  • Thank you Paul, that does help.

  • So another question then about plywood.
    Here in California, what I find available from Home Depot is a 6 ply “Premium” plywood in Oak, Maple, and Birch. I can travel farther afield to a Woodcraft store for […]

  • Greetings all,
    Well this looks to be another interesting and informative build to watch.
    After reading what folks have said and Paul’s responses I Must say I don’t really understand why some are so concerned […]

  • Thank you for asking, that makes my search much easier and helps a lot.
    I’m on school holiday and this is my week to buy the wood and get the bench started.
    Again – thank you and Happy new Year!

  • Greetings,
    Does Paul use his lathe to make replacement handles on chisels, gouges, and other tools? I ask because I have inherited a large wooden box of carving chisels and other tools. They were packed away in […]

  • I’m having trouble finding kiln dried wood, primarily Douglas Fir, in anything other than 2x4s here in Southern California. The big box stores, Lowes and Home Depot carry the larger dimensioned lumber but it […]

  • Greetings Phillip,
    It does, thank you.
    I hadn’t remembered Paul’s use of the clamp within the vice to hold large items. The vice has the retractable bench dog and I have a Veritas Wonder Dog and a couple of […]

  • I have a Record #52 , 7 inch vise. It’s “new” – bought it years ago but it has sat collecting dust until now. Will it be adequate? I think it’s probably a good vise that I can fit according to Paul’s […]