1. How about a video on making the Sellers Curved Burnisher? 🙂 I haven’t really used scrapers yet, but the more I look at my Crown burnisher hanging on my wall the more cumbersome and bulky it appears. I’m not sure why they made it so long. I wonder if there is a way to cut it down shorter (being hardened steel and all).

      1. I’ve seen this in my local Blick’s too. But I’ve wondered about their hardness, and how well they work. Do you own one of these? To my knowledge these are used in printmaking somehow.

        1. Juan-M:
          I’m not sure what it’s designed for. I stumbled upon it while accompanying my son to the shop for art supplies. I can tell you that I’ve used it on straight scrapers, and it seems to hold up to the steel well enough. For the price, it’s a lot handier than others I’ve seen for a lot more $$. I’d recommend trying it to see if it suits.

          PS- Blick’s have a lot of oddly- shaped knives and things that I’ve found useful for wood- destroying projects. 🙂

          Kind regards,
          Ken K.

  2. such good stuff. I thought I was doing darn good until I added the consolidating step shown in the other video. Wow, what an improvement in the cutting and the edges last so much longer. I’ve been using a high quality screwdriver with a round polished shank and it seems to do great and is nice for two handed use. Now I wonder if I should put a little bend in it as well??

  3. Paul, if we are going to make our own card scrapers, what thickness of the steel should we look for when we order from McMaster-Carr, for instance? Wear-resistant 1095 Spring Steel?

    I would like to make some for my own use, but I’d like to buy the right stuff for wear and duability.

    Thank you for your woodworking videos!

    Ly nn

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