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  1. Very nice video however for things like that i would definetly use Veneer.
    Veneer just allows you for much more possibilities and variety and less waste, for example you could stack a piece of Cherry or Plum between 2 patterns of Maple and Walnut for a really nice pattern.

    The Limit is just how many Layers or different woods do you want and how complex a pattern.
    Overall i think Veneer is just a bit overlooked in Handtool Woodworking despite the amount of things you can do with it besides glueing it to a Surface.

  2. Very nice. I have been looking but have yet to acquire wooden tongue and groove planes. However I do have the stanley #48 and #49 tounge and grove planes and they will do the job. I think this will make a nice box decoration. I’ll give it a try.

  3. That’s eBay’s prices for matched pairs of Tongue & Groove planes set for the near future.
    Worth noting that a regular Plough Plane (or Plough & Rebate) would work just as easily.

  4. Could you not make the inlay using you groove plane and then cut off the sides of the groove to get twice as many pieces to use for the inlay? I’m presuming that the tongue is the same width as the groove walls.

    • Hi John,
      Tongue and groove planes are specifically matched to work together, but I’m sure you could give your idea a go and see if they come out even. Might be difficult to ensure the exact width which the t&g planes do for you.

        • They were bought second hand as a pair. You can sometimes pick them up on eBay for a reasonable price or you can use cutters that come with some of the plough/combination planes. They can be made by hand in a similar way to the rebate plane, but are more complex, so I am not sure we will cover them. I will add them to the list for consideration.
          Best, Phil

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