1. I would like to have seen Paul use the winding sticks, particularly on the long narrow parts, how he secured the wood without distorting the wind, and also to see what plane and blade setting he used thru the process. It is fantastic to see him work and then try to copy how to perform a task. Does he routinely check the tightening screws on the plough plane say every few shaving clearings or can he feel them loosen? Great series as always.

    1. Hi Billy,

      Paul says:
      Often I can hear something either in the wood or the tool itself, I think my response is more to do with sound than anything else. I think I am more sensitised to sounds and changes in sound now than I ever was in the past. Because I suspend the wood in the vise in a central position, the wood really doesn’t distort at all because I only have one pressure point.


  2. I like that Paul emphasizes the exercise benefits of using hand tools and that he shows it to be a positive – it’s got to be better to huff and puff and get the heart rate up than set up a power router and then breath the dust it makes.

  3. Great episode Paul and team; kudos to the videographer, some great angles particularly the elbow end of the grooving. Nice. ✌️
    Can you believe I’m only on this episode of such a great series? Been busy making… gallery soon. 👍

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