1. This is great, I was just spending too much time trying to get a handle for a slick just right with the spokeshave. It was getting there and it is a good learning experience, but this will really help.

  2. Thanks for that Paul…..when I watched yesterday’s video (14th Aug) on the Shaker chair, I was left feeling that by rounding with a spoke shave, there was a risk of surface flats. This video of a rounding scraper answers my thoughts, although it should be said that if it were cut to, 1″ diameter and then used on 1.25″ diameter a groove would be cut either side of cutter. A disaster at the final stage.

    How do I optain scraper material please.

    I have noticed that although you have access to pristine no 4 planes, yours is one,
    no doubt used for years, I think that’s a nice touch.

    Thanks John

    1. “How do I optain scraper material please.”

      Old saws can make great material for scrapers when cut up. If you live in an area where old saws are available they are cheap and you can find the ones that aren’t good as saws any more.

      1. Corn & Tim

        You can use the end of a scraper this will not damage your scraper,in fact it adds to it. You can also use any flat sheet steel , it may need the edge refrashed more but if you look around you can find some spring steel
        I am using a old bandsaw blade, I also found a housing from a old file cabnet its just. Over 3/32 thick I have cut scrach stock from it. Remember its not doing a lot of cutting its just shaving or pealing the wood..

    2. That’s a good question Paul suggested the veritas scrapers previously on his blog:

      My scrapers are not to expensive and I recommend buying the set from Veritas. The hardness is perfect, the flex well to task, they retain their edge and take an edge readily. I have every type of scraper made I think and have used every maker type. Bahco scrapers are good too. The reason I like the Veritas set is that they are different thicknesses and different sizes. Here is the link http://tinyurl.com/nmv2r5s

      Get the scrapers only; plus a burnisher. Holders and edge formers are not really necessary and they slow down the development of skill and intuition, which speed up the whole process for me. Sorry Veritas.

  3. I like to use a piece of worn medium sandpaper wrapped around a washing up sponge, as it moulds generally to the curve it is applied to, knocking of high spots. At the same time being careful to avoid scratches!!

    Thanks john

  4. Thanks Paul–great stuff, as always. Maybe in the future—how we take our new ability to form a round handle and put some threads on the end to match the standard female threads on brooms and such?

  5. Wonderfull : working oak like it were pine (sharp tools)
    I noticed the center marks on the end of the stock… devil , angel ?
    It surely works bettter than a plane and some 150- grit sand paper !
    Thank you , once again P.S. !

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