1. Joseph, yes this would go in a somewhat shallow mortise type slot cut into the inside surfaces of a table skirt. Paul demonstrates this in the Sofa table project. I think it was the last video.

  2. Paul, you didn’t go into any great detail about sizing the turnbuttons. I hate to assume because I am no expert in woodworking but the only critical dim would be the distance from the bottom of the table top to the slot that you cut in the skirt. I would think that it should be somewhat less than that to unsure that the table top is pulled down tight against the skirt. I’m headed out to the shop to make some now so if I am wrong you can run out and stop me…. 🙂

  3. Any pros-and-cons between using these wooden turnbuttons vs buying the comparable sliding metal fastener?

    I made a set of turnbuttons for my last project before I watched this video and they were a mess – I had a hard time getting all the small surfaces square. I needed them tiny to fit the project I made and it was tough to work with such small pieces of wood.

    This method looks very simple and i’ll probably give it a shot, but still curious if anyone has comments about the metal version.

  4. This video was brilliant! I’ve always struggle to find the metal plates that are now used to attach the tabletops because they seem not to be used nowadays where I live. From now on, I can rely in this heritage of knowledge Paul is sharing us. Thanks, master Paul.

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