Rocking Chair: Episode 11

Before the arms are shaped, they are recessed into the side of the back legs. Special care is paid to layout and crisp angled cuts. Then the mortise in the arm is cut and fitted and the tenon rounded over. With all the arm joinery complete, it can be shaped using stop cuts, the chisel, rasp, file, spokeshave and plane.

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9 comments on “Rocking Chair: Episode 11

  1. Depending on how closely you cut your tenon to the scribe lines from previous episode, wouldn’t it be advisable to at least pare the back face of the tenon prior to laying out the angled cut on the back of the arm? If you lay this out first and then pare too much away on the tenon, that could leave a gap where the arm meets the back post. I assume that Paul had very little material to remove on the back side of the tenon but that might not be the case with others doing this project.

  2. You mentioned you were going to use shellac to finish. In the past you’ve explained you use the sandpaper to give the surface some bite for the finish. If you were to fume this piece with ammonia and then just wax it, would you still use the sandpaper to give the surface some bite? Many thanks.

  3. In the video Paul says there will be a drawing to work to for the shaping of the curves on the arms. Is this available please?
    I have the main frame in glue up now and after the rockers I will be starting the arms.


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