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Making a Frame Saw

Frame saws are low-cost, highly effective saws that can be used for a variety of tasks according to blade type. Paul keeps them around the shop for use in different aspects of his work, including dovetails and all other joinery. Follow along with the videos below to make your own.

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Sharpening the Frame Saw

Paul discusses the different blade options that are available for joinery and metalwork. He then goes through what you might have to do to soften the teeth to enable sharpening with a saw file as well as cutting bandsaw blades to length.

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Making a Frame Saw – Episode 3

With the two end pieces finished, Paul cuts the beam to length so that he can shape it and cut the tenon in the other end. Paul then tapers the toggle bar and ties on the string used to apply the pressure. For increased safety, he then shows how to make a hand guard which is tenoned into the frame.

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Making a Frame Saw – Episode 2

The next steps are to make the saw kerf to accept the blade and position the hole which will take the screw to hold the blade in place. Then Paul shapes the handle using saw and chisel cuts and then the spokeshave, rasp and scraper to refine it and make the saw more comfortable in the hand.

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