40 comments on “Making a Frame Saw – Episode 2

  1. The two things I really wanted to learn about is a rocking chair and a frame saw. The last series on making the chair comes close! and this set of videos on the frame saw is like Christmas comes early this year. 🙂 Thanks Paul and Phil

    • last year I started making a rocking chair while attending a course with Paul. Tonight I finally glued it up 🙂 Now only the armrests, the seat (I’ve ordered the foam and leather), and then I have to decide on whether I want to make it a rocker – or a nice comfy front room chair!

  2. Whilst the addition of the 1080 resolution is nice I wish you had retained the 720 option as well. The 1080 does generate rather a large file (and download) and I found the 720 resolution gave a reasonable compromise between definition and file size.

  3. I must be delusional. I thought he finished out the framesaw last week. I can even clearly remember him shaping the handle and saying something along the lines of

    “Some people like to have a handle of both ends, but on this particular saw I am only going to put a handle on one end. That way I always know the orientation of the teeth when I pick it up”

  4. So THAT’S how it’s done. What a versatile saw. I made a small version of the frame saw a while back that takes standard coping saw blades. I love it. What a pleasure to use after years of dealing with the deficiencies of metal coping saws, never tightening quite right, etc.

  5. As an alternative maker of hand stitched rasps, Noel Liogier in France produces excellent rasps of all types, including one-offs, plus he also makes a range of floats.

    Not sure about selling outside Europe, but his postage costs are quite reasonable, though be careful of your plastic adding exchange-rate commission for Euros.

  6. For the dimensional lumber, is the standard American 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ (1 x 2) fine vs. the 7/8″ x 1 3/4″ for strength and stability? Otherwise I would have to by 2×2 which is really 1.5 x 1.5″ and rip them down to proportion.


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