Reply To: Record vise restoration

Larry Geib

Not really.
I think the noise was mainly lack of oil in every moving part, because the screw thread wasn´t jumping.
And I think the washer helped a bit to keep it more firmly.
I now have 3 washers and I had to sand them a little so that the screw thread moves with just my index finger.

BTW, a little off topic, but I’m looking for variable TPI bandsaw blades in Europe… do you know any?
I can only find them in UK, and the shipping costs and customs fees are extremely high 🙁

Try googling “Laguna resaw king variable tpi “

They are an Italian company and sell variable tooth blades in several lengths. any dealer who sell that brand saw should be able to help you
They are their top end carbide tipped blades

Highland woodworking ships anywhere, but sales are credit card only with $100 minimum for foreign shipments. My experience shipping to Europe is that’s it’s a little cheaper than getting stuff in the US shipped from EU countries. They will verify charges before shipping.

Also, Germany is the largest producer and exporter of band saw blades in the World. Your task would be to wade through the large industrial and metal cutting blades, but I see at least a couple who make resaw variable tooth blades in the 3-4 tpi range.

I’d look for Robert Bosch first. Variable tpi blades are even in the big box stores in the USA.