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Bad Axe Toolworks makes some awesome saws, but pricey. I finely splurged on a hybrid cut (both rip and crosscut) carcass saw and it’s awesome. I find myself going to it a lot. I also have the Lee Valley carcass saws and I don’t think for the money they can be beat for smaller projects. It’s usually enough for most things however. I also have a 12″ Sash saw I picked up used at a flea market and not a clue on who made it, but it fits my hand nicely and is a good all around size. So check out the used market as well and either learn to sharpen it yourself or send it off to a company and have it done.

Piotr, I think you’ll find a lot of dovetail saws in the 14 tpi to 16 tpi range depending on the manufacturer. I started with the Lee Valley Dovetail saw and it’s a great user for the price. I’ve also purchased a Lie Neilsen thin plate dovetail saw and I find myself using that more now. But I’ve also heard great things about Rob Cosman’s dovetail saw, bad axe toolworks, gramercy toolworks, and even wenzloff dovetail saws.