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If your wallet is healthy enough for you to invest in brand new high end hand tools by all means invest and enjoy, but there’s no real need to invest a lot of money in tooling up. Especially during the initial stages, as buying wisely tends to play a larger part than buying in any quantity.

The majority of us (Speaking in terms of craftsmen and craftswomen) tend to accrue most of our tools over an extended period of time and often put a surprising amount of thought into which tools are truly necessary for us to carry out certain tasks. This helps avoid potentially expensive errors, as feel and fit are just as important as function. In fairness to others, it’s often why many time served craftsmen own and use the brands and types of tools preferred by our mentors – Because we became familiar with their kit as we trained – but personal choice also plays a massive part in the equation as technique and personal preferences come into play.

Keep it simple and you can always expand your toolkit as both knowledge and skills grow and become extensions of yourselves. Work from tool lists Paul suggests/recommends and you’ll not regret your decisions. 🙂