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    Last Sunday I was sweeping my bench clean and the lazy bit in me decided not to clear up my tools first. Result, my oil stone got knocked off the bench. I now have two 4″ stones. For many months now I have been saying I would a) buy a chisel roll or preferably b) make a box for my now very sharp chisels. I have done neither, instead I have wrapped them in a thick cloth and used a rubber band to keep them wrapped. Today the band slipped when I was putting the chisels away. Three hours later my finger was still bleeding. I could not face 4 hours in A&E, but I managed to get a couple of steristrips from a nurse I know. The ornamental joiners tool box I have been working on is now on hold for a couple of weeks.


    Ouch. Not good.

    Matt McGrane

    Oh, man, what a bummer. So we’re dying to know – what’s the first project after the finger heals? Continue with the joiner’s tool box or take care of the chisel box / chisel roll once and for all.

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016:


    Last week I had a chip off a hammer face travel 2″ through soft tissue… I feel your pain

    Perhaps I'm Just Over Eager, Better to Curb the Enthusiasm


    I have hit my left thumb with chisels TWICE. First time I was very tired, inexperienced, and stupid. Trying to pare down a groove in a piece of jarrah, it was very hard, so to grip better I put my hand in front. That one hurt a lot. Got shots, had to go to hospital to get the wound disinfected and 3 stitches.

    Second time I was chopping a mortise, caught my thumb on removing the chisel and sliced it open. Not quite so bad that time, just used steristrips and bandages.

    Every time I talk about chiseling now, SWMBO winces.

    That said the most painful work related injury I’ve had was cutting my hand open on a broken piece of laminate at tafe. Laminate is terrible stuff.


    Yikes! I have some table tops to play with next week, the sound of that makes me cringe.

    Perhaps I'm Just Over Eager, Better to Curb the Enthusiasm


    It will be the box first @mattmcgrane problem is the chisel went into the underside of the middle finger of my right hand, right into the middle section of the finger, where a lot of the control and pressure on saws, planes, hammers, etc. comes from.

    Still it could have been worse, a planer thickneser, band/table saw or router would have probably reduced me to four and a half fingers. At least with hand tools you get to keep all your fingers when you are careless.

    If the summer bonus is big enough I’m thinking of diamond plates to replace the oil stone 🙂

    Peter George

    I had a board shatter as I was feeding it through the table saw. Apparently carbide is harder than human flesh. Luckily all I lost was a thumbnail and some time while things grew back.

    Peter in
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