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    I am new to the site and my minimalist tool list is not ready to tackle even the first episode so I have not yet become a pay monthly subscriber. I am getting married this weekend and then going on a honeymoon for a week, which I am really excited for. I plan on beginning my masterclass journey in the next month, I would have preferred to follow along from the start, in addition, I don’t have a lot of spare time as it is but I feel that I could set the pace to my journey at a slower pace. Is anyone else in my situation and is there any advice?



    Steve Follis


    Congratulations!!  and Welcome!!

    I believe a lot of us have full time jobs and work in the shop time as we can.  We are all here to learn, and enjoy the fellowship with the other members around the globe.

    Work at your own pace, your own budget, and have fun.  There is a lot of support here for you when you have a question.

    Memphis, Tennessee



    Welcome buddy, I can echo what Stephan has said. Just enjoy the hole experience. 😉

    Very Best



    Thanks guys


    Congratulations Russell!

    I’m in a similar woodworking situation for different reasons.  My garage (shop) is unheated and it’ll be a couple months yet before it’s warm enough for me to attempt any work out there.  I’ll sign up once the weather and I are compatible ;-).  In the mean time, i’m trolling flea markets, pawn shops, etc looking for a few more tools i’d like to have.  I’m also enjoying/learning from everyone’s comments and posts, as i’m sure many of us are!  I can’t wait to get started …



    New Brunswick, Canada

    John Poutier

    Welcome aboard Russell.  I echo the previous comments. Be assured, there is no time table. The great thing about Paul’s teachings is that it is timeless.  You’ll find folks at all levels of experience and at various stages of the projects.  I just enjoy following the commentary and work at my own pace when I can get out to the garage. I find it very relaxing in all respects.


    Yorktown, Virginia


    Congrats Russell! Welcome to the gang as well.

    I’ll echo the comments above and say to relax and enjoy it. I (we) in the U.S. have a tendency to rush, rush, rush, with no obvious goal in site a lot of the time. I think that’s what makes this course and wood working so enjoyable. I’ve watched others teach wood working, but Paul seems to be one of those guys that appears to do everything slowly and methodically, with sense and purpose, no wasted energy, but gets a ton done in a short time. I can watch a video of Paul working after a frantic, stressful day, and it helps me downshift, not to mention learning a lot.

    I hope your bride to be will understand (if she already doesn’t), that there’s nothing weird about you when you disappear for a bit to your workshop to simply stand there for a few minutes with your hands on your planes or saws. That’s almost a direct quote from Chris Schwarz of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” fame. I catch myself doing the same.  😉

    Best to you and your fiancé, and welcome to the journey.


    I’ll just add, congratulations on your approaching marriage.  As much as I love woodworking, learning the ropes of marriage will pay far greater dividends.  Don’t let your woodworking draw you away from your new bride too much.

    Just moved to NE Ohio

    Steve Follis

    Hey Russell

    I will tell you from experience, being married for 28 years, you should figure out how to gain one tool for each item on your honey-do list.  And good luck in making your new wife understand this.

    Memphis, Tennessee


    Speaking of spouses, I ran across this the other day and found it amusing.  I think you will too. 🙂


    Texas, USA


    Welcome Russel and concratulations from the Netherlands.

    I think everything is mentioned already by some other members so i hope you are gonna enjoy woodworking as much as we do.

    And offcourse find a good way to combine it with your new wife.

    Lopik - Netherlands


    Welcome Russell!

    Most is said already. A very useful “tool” that brought many of us here is the book Working Wood and especially the wonderful DVDs accompanying the book. It seems to be an investment but it’s worth a lot more than you pay for it.


    I enjoy working wood in Germany.


    Agree 100% with what Florian said, Pauls book and accompanying DVDs are well worth the price. His DVD videos are done in the same fashion as the project series on the online Masterclasses. There are several projects each one focusing on a joint, dovetails, M&T and dadoes. Plus the DVD on sharpening tools. The book goes into a little more detail and the photography is top notch.




    My new wife and I just took a 5 hour round trip to go shop for some older tools to finish up my essential tool list, we went out for dinner and she even got a few items for herself (48″ one man crosscut saw and box rule, for decor). We went out for dinner and had a great time with great conversation.

    She just asked what I want for my birthday in May. I think a trip to L.V. to get Paul’s book sounds good to me and maybe a vise… if SWMBO lets me (learning quickly for a young guy).



    HaHa Well done Russell, I love that post 🙂

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