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    Paul Sellers has a great video tutorial for making the workbench but I don’t think there are cultists.

    I made mine using 1-½” by 3-½” studs typically called 2 by 4.

    Please watch the video on YouTube—search Paul Sellers workbench and it should come as a playlist.

    I think that the key elements of the bench itself are the construction of the H frames (legs) and the aprons which hold the H frame with a wedge.

    The length height width are just a personal choice. But I prefer longer and wider benches because typically you want to keep your main tools on the bench while working, so I keep about 1/3rd of my bench for the tools and only use the rest for work.

    My bench cost me less than $100–I got my vises as a gift, but they also shouldn’t cost too much either. I heard that in UK you can get a nice record video from school surplus up to £25… Try to see if you have access to such options in your country.

    Take care

    Mic van Reijen


    I like your hinge idea, i might copy that..

    Could you show how you implemented the retractable wheels? I need mine to be moveable as my space is limited and i’ll need to be able to park it at the end of a day. I’ve been thinking how to do that but i haven’t figured it out yet.

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    Basically I’ve made and attached two rails on the H frame where, on the top rail I’ve mounted a veneer press and on the bottom rail I’ve mounted two casters. The veneer press brings down the bottom rail with casters and lifts up the bench.

    I’ll take pictures on Monday and post it here.