Bad benchtop laminations – have to discard?

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    Novice woodworker and first time poster here.

    I decided it’s time to get a bench made. However, I’ve already run into an issue as my glue up of the benchtop wasn’t successful. I’ve scrubbed it down roughly on both sides and you can clearly see where there are some gaps in the attached photos.

    My question is, is this bad enough that I should start over and make a new top?

    Clearly, this lamination isn’t really the standard I hope for in my work but on the other hand, I have a 3 year old son and another one arriving in July which means I won’t have much time to finish this project. That means that if the function isn’t impaired noticably, maybe I’ll just have to accept the flaws. What do you think?

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    It’s perfectly fine. Keep going!



    It looks good enough to Chop and saw on to me.
    If you dont like the cracks put some glue in them and sand the top. They will fill up.

    Derek Long


    It’s probably just superficial where the glue didn’t squeeze to the edge of the lamination. Looks fine to me. Like Dean said, squeeze some glue in there if it makes you uncomfortable.

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado



    Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated. I’ll go ahead with it as is!

    Jim Bruno


    I think you made the right decision to use it as is, especially when you have a family that will require a lot of time and attention.
    This bench will serve you well for a long time and then, when your children are bigger, you will build a new bench knowing what was good and/or bad with this one and adapt it accordingly. Perhaps you will even have a little apprentice to help you who will learn from you and do this as a father/child project.

    To paraphrase Mr Sellers, it is not a prissy bench but a work bench to use and not to gawk at.

    I hope you will enjoy the rest of your build and be proud and content in the knowledge that you MADE it not just went out and bought it!

    Best Regards, Jim

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