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    Gavin Lennox

    Morning all, I hope everyone is safe and well. I have a couple of bow saws from a car boot sale that I was hoping to use again. The blades are in pretty bad shape and I was hoping to replace them. Has anyone done a similar thing and have any recommendations for replacement blades?

    Thanks – Gavin

    Thomas Brown

    Have a look on eBay to see a range of blades available for different jobs. It depends what you want to use the saw for.


    I went to a big box store and bought a mileaukee portable bandsaw blade. Snapped it to length drilled it and it works really nice it is a 12 point blade. I think i will get six blades from the two pack. I have used the begeebers out of the first one and its still good.

    Larry Geib

    It would help to know what your current blades look like.

    There are lots of different bow saws out there, from firewood buck saws to fine turning saws.

    A distance between pins would also help. But the advice to look at band saw stock is generally sound.

    Gavin Lennox

    Thanks all, a bit more info on my part would of been helpful apologies. One is a buck saw and one is a turning saw, I was planning on using them as intended really



    Distance between pins on the turning saw is 58cm the buck saw is 73cm though it’s screwed straight to the frame
    Thanks again for all the input


    I bought a blade from a timber framing supplier and paid way too much for it way back when I first saw Paul’s video on making a bow saw. I still have it, but seldom use it. I may make a new one with better features someday with better timber, but until then it still looks good on the wall in the shop.

    Gavin Lennox

    Thanks all much appreciated

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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