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    Larry Geib

    I know this may be a bit of a stable door after the horse has bolted sort of reply, but a trick my dad showed me for when I am sweeping the floor, was to spray the floor with water. This caused any dry dust to ball up and be 1. More manageable, and 2. Totally not airborne.

    Years ago I worked in a shop where sweeping was preceded by wetting wads of newspaper and strewing them about the floor. As long as you kept the wads in front of the push room there was almost no dust raised.


    This is certainly a “repurposing the bones after said horse is dead” reply, but when searching for info online one comes across old threads with useful replies – so why not?

    My plan is to install a vacuum dust collector system in my shop. I bought a CamVac CGV336 55 litre, 2000W which I intend to connect to a duct system in my shop. It filters to 0.5 microns.
    I bought a huge dust shroud thingy (CVA400-50-123) I intend to mount / clamp to my workbench when I’m working with dusty tasks. Should do the trick. The dust collector is rather noisy, but I found a guide to make sound dampers for the exhaust – should be a good solution even if I have to use ear protection somehow. My noise cancelling headphones might be ideal for this, as I can listen to podcasts, music, radio – or nothing.

    I have a regular “chip collector” from back when I thought woodworking meant machines everywhere, but it does not handle dust. The Camvac is a completely different beast! Block the hose on the chip collector, and nothing really happens – the filter bag limps over after a while.
    Do the same thing with the Camvac, and it sucks itself across the floor! Scary thing, really! 🙂

    If I put the chip collector on my Record Power BS 400, it removes a good amount of sawdust – but a lot of sawdust ends up around the base of the saw, on and under the table and a lot of other places. Put the Camvac on it, and the problem is gone! The extra dust hose connected directly beneath the table works very well with a vacuum dust collector. Not so with a chip collector.

    Another approach for dust filtration, cheap and DIY: A big box fan (or any fan capable of moving a good amount of air) and filter cartridges for ventilation systems. Matthias Wandel has videos on the subject.

    Best regards, Vidar

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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