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    Daniel Smyth

    Hi All

    Seeking some advice please. I have really only ever finished projects with Danish Oil. I’ve put a tonne of effort into the floor lamp build and am reaching the end of the build. I was wondering what people would suggest for finishing this project. Is Danish oil the way to go or should I venture into shellac or varnishes? Or maybe oils and the a wax? Ideas would be very welcome.


    If you’re satisfied with your usual brand/formulation of Danish Oil, why not stay with it? It gives a hard wearing mostly impervious finish that cleans easily with a minimum of hassle. It isn’t suitable for external use, in my experience.

    There are those who are seldom satisfied, regardless of what they use, but I’ve used Danish Oil, wipe-on/wipe-off, three or four coats for the thick end of 3 decades……… it delivers what I want and it is easily maintained with a de-wax and clean then another wipe every few years.

    If a piece warrants something more elaborate, I’ll use that. I don’t rate some of the modern formula shellacs, I learned to make and use French Polish the old fashioned way and sometime that’s the way I go….. other wise it’s a good few wipes of Danish.

    Good luck and keep it simple.

    Daniel Smyth

    Thanks for that response. I’ll do as suggested and stick to what I know!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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