Golden Ratio/Fibonacci Sequence when planning project dimensions?

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    I recently became aware of this as a project planning technique, and am very interested in applying it to my projects.

    Has Mr. Sellers ever discussed this?

    Larry Geib

    As it happens, have been revisiting the golden ratio in the pentagon with an idea for something.


    You want the book “By Hand and Eye” from Lost Art Press. It goes in to all the ins and out of what it is, how to use it and how it became a sort short hand for design.

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    I can vouch for “By Hand and Eye”. I read it about a year and a half ago. It greatly helped my confidence when it came to determining dimensions.

    Another good book I bought used for ($17 US dollars via Amazon) is Human Dimension and Interior Space by Panero, Julius, Zelnik, Martin. This book provides a lot of standard dimensions such as height of chairs, desks, cabinets. Depth of kitchen cabinets, etc.

    Between the two I can answer many questions when designing something.


    Thank you everyone. I’ll take a look at ‘By Hand and Eye’.

    Flemming Aaberg

    I can vouch for the Human Dimension book – designed and built our house using it and everyone tells us the house just somehow feels ‘right’.

    Steve Giles

    I think there’s a real possibility of getting tangled up with Fibonacci ratios and that kind of thing. Personally, I think that if it looks right, it is right. Develop an eye for it and you won’t need to use maths. Breaking rules also sometimes leads to an interesting look.

    I’m not saying don’t read the books BTW (which look interesting). Just don’t become a slave to it.

    Fibs are handy if you trade stocks or Bitcoin though!


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