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    A shot in the dark. I’m moving to Gladstone OR, between Portland and Oregon City. Does anyone know the best place to buy hardwood for projects in the area?

    jeff Fisher

    I don’t know about ‘best’ but crosscut hardwoods has a portland location. I go to the one in Seattle and at least in terms of selection it is amazing.


    Thanks! Hopefully the service is a smidge better in Portland. The Seattle location has been my spot recently also. Selection is nice.

    Larry Geib

    Goby Walnut on St Helen’s road is far and away the best if that’s what you want, but they also deal in white oak, Cherry, madrone, Pacific myrtle, big leaf Maple, and other domestic species.
    But if that 8’ wide and 20’ long slab for that conference table is your quest, they are the guys. Among their regular accounts is Gibson and Martin guitars.
    Check out their website or Instagram feed. They ship worldwide.
    I buy mostly from their scap piles in the warehouse lately. 🙂
    They specialize in reclaiming dead trees.

    Gilmer Wood co. , also on St. Helens road, deals in all kinds of exotic woods for the Turner and luthier crowds. $$$
    They also have a website. They are the guys for exotic tropicals.

    Northwest Timber in Jefferson (S of Salem) has wonderful tone woods and figured woods. $$$
    Also online.

    Woodcrafters in Eastside portland has enough selection to get you by for small projects. They are close to my house, so I’m there once a week and pick up that’s special board for my stash. If all you are looking for is enough for a table or cabinet, they can usually supply enough.

    Hurford hardwoods on Killingsworth has exotics, including some pricey burls and species from places like Australia.

    I bought a lot of stuff at Mcoy near Omsi and at Disdero in Clackamas before I retired.
    Good prices. Buy by the truckload. Commercial accounts only. And you get what they deliver. If you are looking for special grain , they aren’t the guys. They mostly sell to cabinet and furniture shops.

    Smaller selections are at Woodcraft supply in Tualatin and Rockler in Beaverton, which just expanded their store.

    That doesn’t touch the flooring and softwood dealers.

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    Wow very nice. Thank you!

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