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    I’ve had luck with Bell Forest Products for hardwoods. You will pay more due to shipping but it is convenient. They skip plane their 4/4 stock so that’s helpful when prepping stock with hand tools.


    If midwest means Chicago, there used to be a place called Owl Lumber that I liked, but it has been at least a decade since I was last there. I would stay away from construction lumber for projects. It will be nothing but frustration, especially for someone learning. While some of it is okay (barely), it generally is hard growth rings separated by big fiat spongy material. That plus the knots makes it challenging to work, especially if you are still developing your sharpening skills.

    Shaun Van Arsdale

    For everyone looking for local hardwoods or any native wood in your area.
    Look for small sawmill operator’s owners of woodmizer, timberking, or many others. These will usually work with small orders and some may have dryers also. Or you might have to dry your own wood.
    Some Sawyers travel to cut wood off your land for you. But if a yard tree or in a fence line you might have to buy a blade if he hits a nail or bolt when cutting. Or he may not cut at all. End of life blades are good for this difficulty.
    Wood can be found in right of ways but you would have to haul off right away when cut by contractors.
    Tree trimers have a steady supply if the don’t haul away for themselves.


    When I first started, I struggled as well. What really helped me was finding a local woodworkers club. Once I joined that I went from literally knowing a few places to having probably 50 to choose from (I live in a major USA city). The other advantage is joining a local woodworking club is that often you will have folks giving away good wood.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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