New S&J Saw preparation

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    Eric Vogt

    I recently bought a few basic saws for woodworking.
    However i noticed the Spear & Jackson crosscut panel saw has a layer what looks like lacque on it. I tried using isopropanol to remove it but it forms like a sticky surface on the saw blade.
    Any recommendations how to clean this stuff of the saw?


    If it’s still sticky you haven’t got it all off.

    What are you using for a cloth?

    I would use 0000 wire wool with iso propyl alcohol.

    Keep going until you get it all off, then wipe down with a liberal amount of meths and a soft cloth.

    To be honest though, when I bought a S&J saw I didn’t bother, and just started using it.


    Larry Geib

    The clear coating on saws is usually lacquer. You need a little stronger solvent than alcohol.
    Acetone or lacquer thinner will do it. Take the usual precautions for ventilation and gloves.

    Eric Vogt

    Thank you for the replies.
    Was a bit afraid of using wire wool but I didnt had in mind that there were so fine grids of it. Will definitely try it out. If this does not help I will go the acetone route outside.
    I wouldn‘t have bothered with the lacquer coating but it was a very thick coat, it with slightly wider than the saw set so it begins to stuck right after the teeth were in the wood.

    OT: BTW. I love this forum, nice and fast answers with easy solutions and not rocket science like other woodworking forums. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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