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    Dear Mr Paul Sellers and Team.

    It is with great sadness, that I regret to inform you that I spend less and less time here, at the on-line school. And it is your fault!

    Nothing to worry about, just kidding.

    But it is true. The less i spend at the computer, the more I spend at the garage in front of the bench.

    I already wrote to you a couple of times over the years. In my beginnings (since 2011) with lots of (now) silly questions. So, in my opinion, “Commonwoodworking” site was a great idea to gather the “aeiou” questions for every one. Sometime I stop there for some revisions.

    But this time is different. I’m writing because I want to pay tribute to you Sir. Not with the thank you but with my story. Because thru this school and blog over those years I was able TO DO!
    -I have 6 beds in my home, 3 were made by me, nothing fancy just practical and sturdy.
    -I made stools, chairs, lots of boxes, picture frames, blanket chests, a desk, spatulas, cots, repairs, restorations, wooden toys and… spoons all for family and friends and e few commissions.
    -Made some friends here in the forums.
    -Discovered, scroll sawing, wood turning (still a work in progress), and wood carving (Mary May and Chris Pye)

    -And one of my last and most important projects was to design, built and install a hand rail at my parents home. Again nothing fancy just practical. You see, my mother (in her 70’s) had knee surgery. So she needed a modification for the existing stairs hand rail. And with all the knowledge acquire here I was able to built it. With pride and a huge dose of satisfaction to perform such a task to a very important person in my life when she needed the most.
    And You Sir and Your Team ARE responsible and a part of it.

    So that’s my appreciation and tribute to YOUR WORK!
    And it all started with the “humble” wooden spoon!

    Antonio Samagaio

    Enjoy the learning path...!!

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