rust on diamond stones

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    good evening to everyone,
    i just bought diamond stones (EZe Lap) and started with sharpening a chisel. The next evening there were rusty marks. I wonder if i am using it the wrong way.
    If it ain’t no problem, i’d beath a sight of relief.

    My english might sound a bit funny, but so it is!

    Thank you for your thoughts anyway.

    regards tobias

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    Did you wipe the wetting agent off? They are steel and will rust . Just wipe them off when done using them.

    David B


    what he said. I had this problem with some stones once before I realized the obvious. Just wipe them off when you’re done. The rust that is on them now should go away with use and good cleaning habits.

    Peter George


    The rust is actually from the metal particles from the tool left from the process of sharpening. The plates are plated with nickel which won’t rust. Wiping them off after use should prevent the rust.

    I use a fine oil rather than water on my plates. I think it “feels” better when I’m sharpening, but that is a subjective thing.

    Peter in
    Biggar SK
    "New York is big, but this is Biggar"



    Thank you and the others above for your reply.

    Travis Herbranson


    I have the DMT stones, the instructions say to keep dry after using. I assume ezlap are the same. I had a bit of brown (I don’t want to call it rust because they are brand new) that wiped off. Best bet is to keep the stones dry and clean regardless, don’t want to transfer any rust to the tools.

    Hugo Notti


    Rust isn’t contagious, so you only need to wipe it off your chisels 😉

    I am not sure, but I think, I have seen traces of rust even on Paul Sellers plates. It is probably always fresh rust that is washed away with the next use.

    I am using traditional (in Germany) water/oil stones with water, and I have no issues on my chisels. And I even store the stones in water.


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    Keeping them clean, using non ammonia based window cleaner instead of pure water helps. Cleaning instructions call for like comet cleaner and a nylon brush. Mine said no oil. Maybe it could loosen binging agent over time? Not sure on that one.

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