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    The Tool Cabinet project has been with us for so long it has become an old friend, and now it seems to be complete.

    Paul’s example in his workshop has an ornmamental cornice and it leaves me to wonder if we are to see how it was made. I feel that it would add the finishing flourish to a fine piece.

    Paul/Joseph are there any plans for this in the future?


    I feel the same way. I would love to see the finishing details.

    Matt McGrane

    I thought there might be at least one more episode to show drawer knobs and final fitments …

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016:


    I was hoping for the same… seems like it just ended with no formal wrap up? Strange?


    I agree. I expected at least one or two more videos covering what appears to be cockbeading on the doors and cornice options. I wonder if the move to the new shop/home impacted production. Understandable if it did, I would just expect at least a blog post discussing the final details.


    I would like to see the final elements as well. Also, seeing it loaded up would be inspiring!

    Philip Adams

    Hello all,

    Sorry for the confusion and glad that you would like to see more. We will be releasing additional videos on the optional aspects of finishing out the cabinet, including the cornice, over the next few months.

    We feel that including them in the main project would have over extended it for those not following along, or looking for shorter projects With some aspects of finishing out, there are so many different possibilities that it is difficult to cover them, but we will try to cover the key bits.


    I work alongside Paul to plan and produce the videos for Woodworking Masterclasses


    Many thanks for getting back to us, Phil, and glad to see that the extra bits will be added in due course. I’ll certainly be interested to see how the cornice that is on Paul’s example pans out using the minimum of tools

    It was a bit of a marathon, but we understand that it had to cover the relocation period, so hopefully things are getting back to normal.

    All best

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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