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    Greg Merritt

    So…I received a Veritas dovetail saw and carcass saw, both filled rip cut, and some saw files for Christmas.  Then I purchased a Superior 88 panel saw off of eBay.  These are the first saw that I have owned that can be sharpened.  I then sat and watched Paul’s saw sharpening video several times and then several times more.  After the video I wen’t out to the shop to have a go at the carcass saw.  Without a saw vise a tried the scrap of wood with a slit in it.  That worked but was very hard on my back.  So back to the video I went.  Then I searched Paul’s blog and found his entry about his saw vise.  Sat down at the computer and came up with my own plan.  How hard could it be?  Three weeks later and this is what I have.  The execution is not perfect but the function is.  This should last me a lifetime and hopefully be passed on.

    Greg Merritt

    Here is my plan if anyone is interested.


    Thanks Gregory,

    That is one smart saw vise buddy, great job. I have just grabbed your plan nice work again.

    Many thanks 🙂

    Steve Follis

    If that functions as good as it looks, you got one heck of a saw vice there??  Really Sweet!! Nice job Gregory!!

    thanks for sharing the plan.

    Memphis, Tennessee

    Greg Merritt

    Thanks guys!  Here is a shot of it in use.

    Gary Hodgin

    Looks great.


    Wow Gregory. The plan is also very nice.  Thanks for that. You must be an engineer…

    Was the Veritas carcass saw not sharp out of the box, or were you recutting it to be x-cut?

    -Scott Los Angeles


    Awesome job Gregory.  Thanks for the plan!

    Greg Merritt

    The Veritas saws were very sharp but too aggresive for all around use.  Sharpened them to Paul’s progressive rip pattern.  This makes them easy to start and able to rip and crosscut.  A dramatic difference.


    Thanks Gregory, it looks great and now I have another to do added to my ever expanding list of projects! How do you make that knuckle joint?



    Thanks guys! Here is a shot of it in use.

    Is that a Harry Potter Wizards Wand on your bench behind that saw vise … ?

    Robin ... Richmond, Virginia, USA

    Greg Merritt

    Robin…thats my small hammer.


    Nice work Gregory.  I’ve downloaded a copy of that plan (pdf).  I saved a copy of Paul’s article a while back too.

    Texas, USA


    Gregory,that sawvice looks great,i hope to make it myself someday.(my to do list only gets longer and longer)

    What sort of wood did you use for it?

    Lopik - Netherlands

    Mark Armstrong

    Looks to good to be used. 🙂

    Dagenham, Essex, England

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