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    I created a shooting board by following the paul sellers youtube videos. Unfortunately, my 90 degree angle after using the shooting board does not match exactly with the square I used to make the board (it’s a degree or two off). Any recommendations on whether to try and remedy or just start over and try to be more careful?


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    @emsworth can you show a picture of the shooting board?

    Mine was like this briefly. 🙂 Re-knife the 90-degree line with an accurate square, then pare to that line. Your wedge will likely be close enough to still fit. If not, it will be easily adjusted with your plane. When you re-knife that line, you’ll have one point in common between the old and new line, either on the far left or far right, and the two lines will separate from there. So, it’s a small amount of wood to remove and you can pare it.

    You can also adjust angles on the fly by putting a pinch of your shavings between the wood you are shooting and the wedge/fence. If you put it near the plane you’ll tilt the angle one way and if you put it away from the plane, you’ll tilt the angle the other direction. So, the shooting board doesn’t need to be perfect to useful and you can use a perfect shooting board to cut angles a little off from 90 and 45.



    Thanks @ed! I took your advice and found that it was really just a knife wall (on the 90 degree line, towards the back) that was not perfectly square . I corrected and now it makes a beautiful 90 degree angle.

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    Excellent! Glad it worked. Looks like a nice shooting board!

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